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    How do you cope when your favorite skincare or beauty product is discontinued? If you’ve been using skincare and beauty products for any length of time, I’m sure you have experienced the following scenario: You start using a product, decide it works well for you and add it to your beauty routine. In this case, let’s say it’s a lipstick. When the lipstick bullet is nearing the end, you repurchase it and your fondness becomes comfortable and reliable, like that ratty old sweatshirt from your teens. You use it for your signature, everyday makeup look and it plays an important role in how you look and feel and how people see…

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    Welcome to the blog section of my website! I want to take a moment to let my readers know what to expect from me and this space. I am a freelance writer, so my intent is to write. The main purpose of my website is to let my current and future clients learn a little bit about me and my niche, understand what writing services I offer, have a way to contact me, and have the opportunity to read something I have written. If you haven’t already read the “about” section on my website, I will take this opportunity to give you a brief introduction. I live in Michigan (the…