If I had to describe Victoria Beckham in one word, it would be…ICONIC. I don’t personally know her (someday!), but I do know of her. She is a singer, wife of footballer David Beckham, a mother, a designer, and a savvy businesswoman. I dare say most people have heard of her. I asked my husband if he knew who she was and he did (thank you sports!). She is even listed on the Hello with Hirons bingo sheet, which practically makes her a member of the British royal family.*

With her signature smoky eye combined with an already successful business as a designer, it’s no surprise that Victoria Beckham has made her grand entrance into the beauty world.

Like many other successful designers (Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs are two of my favorites!), she has decided to claim her share of the beauty pie. I am one of the many individuals thrilled by this new, highly anticipated venture!

My experience with making beauty product purchases online has been somewhat nerve-wracking and a bit risky. This was not the case with VBB.

The Victoria Beckham Beauty website is one of the best beauty sites that I have seen.

It is user-friendly and provides extensive photographs, color swatches on a variety of skin tones, videos, and detailed descriptions. The transparency provided by clearly listing all of the ingredients is both impressive and appreciated. The line is marketed as both luxury and clean. When wading through the ever-expanding sea of beauty product marketing, this approach is appealing to me. I love luxury beauty products and I admire the brand’s stance on sustainability.

To provide a thorough depiction of a beauty product online is no easy feat, but VBB has done an excellent job of portraying their products. A consumer should feel confident in their online purchase with VBB. I definitely did!

When my order arrived in the mail I was delighted to receive elegant, yet eco-conscious packaging.

How many times do you receive a parcel that includes so many layers of paper and plastic or such a massive box for a small item that it’s almost embarrassing? Way too often!

When you receive your beloved package from VBB you will find it housed in a reasonably sized, earth-friendly package, which includes a reusable cloth bag. I was so pleased with the packaging.

Victoria Beckham Beauty Reusable Cloth Bag.

Victoria Beckham Beauty is proving that it is possible to be a sustainable luxury cosmetics brand.

The first release from VBB’s new line was eyes and consists of four eye bricks, four lid lustres, and three eyeliners. I purchased only the smoky eye brick in Tuxedo in order to ensure that I really liked the quality and performance of the products before investing in additional items. I prefer carefully curated beauty items that I actually use, which makes me very particular about what I add to my collection.

Victoria Beckham Beauty Eye Brick Case

There is a lot to look forward to as lip and skincare collections are slated to be released in the near future.

VBB’s collection is chic and an instant classic in my book. The look and feel of these products is something that’s not already being done by someone else.

The eye brick is refreshingly compact compared to the current trend of large beauty palettes.

Victoria Beckham Beauty Eye Brick in Tuxedo in outdoor natural lighting.
Victoria Beckham Beauty Smoky Eye Brick in Tuxedo photographed with my iPhone 11 outside in afternoon sunlight.

I tend to only use a few of the shadows housed in large palettes, so I do not purchase them. This palm-sized palette of shadows is attractive to me both aesthetically and practically. Every shade will be utilized. It can easily be carried in a small cosmetics bag or displayed on a vanity tray. The case boasts a glossy tortoiseshell finish with gold trim, which is extremely eye-catching! It’s certainly something to leave out to enjoy. I love a bit of glamour!

What’s inside the case is even more gorgeous!

Victoria Beckham Beauty Eye Brick in Tuxedo displayed on mirrored tray.

I feel as if Victoria Beckham Beauty consulted me or somehow read my mind, as they have created the perfect ratio of shadows within this eye brick. The lightest shade is always the shade I use up first in any palette. This eye brick has the lightest shade being the largest as you can see in the photographs. I tend to use the least amount of the darkest shadow and the darkest color takes up the smallest amount of space in the brick.

This arrangement is PURE GENIUS!

I found the eye brick shadow formula to be soft, but not too soft, and easy to apply and blend. They are beautifully and richly pigmented and are even more luxurious once applied to the eyelid. I did not experience any shadow fall-out under my eyes or on my cheeks. I also did not experience any creasing. The smooth, satin finish is free of chunky glitter, but has a very subtle sheen to suit anyone. The formula is a dream to work with, so one should have no problem re-creating VB’s signature smoky eye.

Victoria Beckham Beauty Smoky Eye Brick swatches in Tuxedo.

The Victoria Beckham Beauty website states that the eyeshadows are formulated with hyaluronic acid powder complex. If you are into skincare, you will likely be familiar with hyaluronic acid. If you’re not familiar with this amazing chemical (everything is a chemical) you may be interested in reading up on it at some point. I will direct you to this Caroline Hirons post as a good place to start. I think part of the reason this product feels so amazing on the skin is due to the hyaluronic acid. Sometimes shadows can make the eye area feel dry or can accentuate dryness. If you have fine lines or wrinkles, you probably don’t want to draw attention to them. This shadow applies and wears comfortably.

One more reason why VBB’s smoky eye brick is in line for being my favorite beauty purchase of the year.

I am wearing all four shades from the Victoria Beckham Beauty Smoky Eye Brick in Tuxedo paired with Chanel le Volume de Chanel Mascara in 10 Noir (on the top lashes only). I used Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo and Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brows Eyebrow Gel on brows. This is a selfie I took in my kitchen while making quesadillas.

I chose the Tuxedo eye brick because I love shades of black, ivory, and gray. Cool toned hues are my preference, which is not the current trend, so this particular product really piqued my interest. Neutrals are what I feel most comfortable wearing. I can use this eye brick to create a subtle smoky eye for the day or a sultry smoky eye for evening. (Who am I kidding? I don’t go out at night anymore!) The Tuxedo eye brick feels sophisticated and timeless, without being stuffy.

After testing out the smoky eye brick I can’t wait to get my hands on the eyeliners and lid lustres!

Congratulations to Victoria on the successful launch of Victoria Beckham Beauty!

If you are interested in purchasing any of the products that have been released thus far, you can visit Victoria Beckham Beauty.

Have you tried anything from the new Victoria Beckham Beauty line?

I would love for you to share your thoughts and first impressions. Please comment below, and as always, let me know if you have any questions! You can also contact me here.

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