There are some people who develop a lifelong commitment to one lip product and they don’t think twice about it. They always carry their classic yellow pot of Carmex everywhere they go. It was something that they picked up in their youth and have never had any reason to part ways with and that’s totally cool. I am not one of those people, though! I constantly have different lip balms in rotation. I will certainly repurchase favorites, but I am always up to try something new. 

The handful of lip care products I am featuring today are not the only lip products that I own or love; they just happen to be what I am currently using and I find worthy enough to share in a post. I can absolutely guarantee that in just a few months there will be a lip product (or two…or five) on my bedside table or in my handbag that will be something that I did not write about and possibly hadn’t previously owned.

Sometimes I choose to use a lip product based on a specific want, need, or mood. If, for example, my lips are extra dry and need major TLC due to severe weather or overuse of prescription retinol that crept too close to my mouth, then I will choose something that will work best to heal and repair, like the Sugar Lip Treatment Advanced Therapy from Fresh Beauty. Other times I will choose a lip product based on the time of day. I might want a thicker textured lip balm, like the Laneige Sleeping Mask for nighttime hydration. However, I might choose the Aesop Rosehip Seed Lip Cream if my lips already feel soft and I just want a smooth base before applying lip pencil or lipstick.

There may also be an occasion where I just really want to use a lip product because of the scent or flavor. I’m looking at you, Fresh Lemon Sugar Lip Balm! This reminds me of lemon bars and smells so delicious, but I am only going to want something that has an aroma like a sugary sweet lemon dessert at certain times. There are also instances where I want a lip product that is going to provide me with higher SPF if I am spending more than a few minutes outside. 

There are so many factors that differentiate lip products such as texture, consistency, container (stick, jar, tin, tub, tube). Do I want to use a spatula or my fingers to retrieve and apply the product? Do I want the convenience of a stick or tube? Is there a scent? Does it have a distinct taste? Do I want or need SPF? Is it matte or shiny? Tinted or clear? So much of it comes down to personal preference. I love all of my lip products for different reasons. Sometimes I am simply drawn to glam packaging, although I won’t continue to use something if it’s not actually going to get the job done.

Pat McGrath Labs Mini Lip Fetish Lip Balm in Clear

It’s sort of like having a variety of outerwear or shoes. Living in Michigan I wouldn’t be able to have one option for a coat or one option for footwear. So, how can I only have one option for lip care? 

How many lip products do you have on hand? Do you have any favorites that you have repurchased? I would love to hear what you are currently loving for your lips! 

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