I post once per week on my blog and publish them on Sunday. On Instagram, #SelfcareSunday is a popular hashtag, so I thought self-care would be an appropriate topic for a post.

First, what exactly does “self-care” mean? Self-care can mean something different to each individual. One of the definitions found on is simply: “care for oneself.”

Today’s post is dedicated not only to self-care, but simple self-care that can be done at home without spending any money.

I thought I would share just a few of the items from my self-care list. This does not mean these are things you would choose to do for yourself as part of your personal self-care, but it might get you thinking about what you would like to incorporate as part of your self-care. Self-care should be something you do for yourself out of love. If it doesn’t sound like something you would like to do in order to take care of yourself, then don’t do it!

1. Rest

We all know that getting proper rest is important. I do my best to get quality sleep at night. Honestly, there are many nights I stay up too late and do not get an adequate amount of sleep. That is often a choice, albeit not always the wisest choice!

I will take the opportunity to nap or take a few minutes to close my eyes and rest while my little one is taking his afternoon nap.

Rest can also mean taking some time for yourself to just do nothing, sans guilt. Doing nothing is fine, just do it out of self-care and without apology.

2. Exercise

Exercise does not need to require an expensive gym membership or any equipment. You can do simple exercises such as stretches, yoga, or other workouts in your own home. I enjoy going for walks outside. I feel so much better when I am able to get some fresh air and sunshine. On today’s walk I could hear the birds chirping and I was able to appreciate the first signs of spring.

If you are interested in an app, I would recommend the Mary Ochsner Yoga App. There are a lot of ways you can move your body and receive the benefits of exercise without it taking up a lot of time or money. 

3. Meditation and Prayer

You do not need to be religious to meditate. Meditation does not require anything special, but for some beginners, it may be easier to use a guided meditation. I use the Headspace App. They have several free options, as well as a paid subscription that gives you access to a variety of other meditations in their library. One of my favorites is “Breathe,” which is one of the free meditations. I like that it offers a time option of 1, 2, or 3 minutes. I find that breathing exercises really help me find some calm if I am feeling anxious.

If you are someone who prays, this can also be used as a form of self-care. Neither meditation nor prayer requires any special setting or amount of time. You can choose a prayer from your heart, or you can recite a prayer such as The Lord’s Prayer.

4. Skincare

I always do my best to take excellent care of my skin. I have a morning and evening skincare routine, which is a form of self-care. There are several ways to step up your skincare routine if you want some extra self-care. One way that doesn’t cost anything is to incorporate facial massage. You don’t even need to use any extra products or tools. I will often just spend additional time on my first cleanse in the evening. Jordan Samuel The After Show Treatment Cleanser, Tatcha Pure One Step Camellia Oil Cleanser, or Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm are ones that I have in my current rotation. I prefer a balm or oil cleanser for my first cleanse, which works really well for facial massage. Spending 30 to 60 seconds along each side of the jaw and across your forehead can help relieve tension and promote relaxation. There is no specific time limit for this, so if you want to spend several minutes massaging your face, go for it!

If you are interested in using some sort of products or tools for self-care when it comes to your skincare routine, there are loads of options from sheet masks to face rollers and everything in between. I’m sure I will feature some of these in upcoming #SelfcareSunday posts on my Instagram.

Rose Quartz Face Roller by Jenny Patinkin

5. Reading / Writing

When I say reading, I am not talking about reading a blog article, the news, or mindlessly scrolling social media. I am talking about reading an actual book. I like to read a variety of genres and I read a combination of e-books and physical books in either hardcover or paperback. Sometimes I want to read to learn something or to better myself. Other times I want to read to travel to a different time or place. If a book is especially engaging I might end up staying up too late, but if it is just engaging enough to keep me reading, but doesn’t have me on the edge of my seat, it can often help me fall asleep. Reading for relaxation is one of my favorite kinds of reading. I like to check out books for free from our library online. Once again, no need to leave the house or spend any money!

I enjoy writing. I write for my blog, I write letters and send them in the mail, and I write in my journal. When I say that I journal, this is not a “Dear Diary” type of journal full of angst. I journal about goals, dreams, aspirations, and gratitude. I keep a gratitude journal and read it several times per week and add to it whenever I can. I find that gratitude is a great way to start and finish my day. I have this list saved as a note in my phone, but I have also kept a paper version in a notebook in the past. No rules, just WRITE!

I am going to keep my list to just these five, even though there are several other ways I practice self-care. I hope you have found some inspiration on how you can incorporate some simple and free ways to practice self-care.

How do you show yourself self-care? I would love for you to share with me in the comments below!

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