Byroe Tomato Serum


As a small child, I would mix up concoctions of lotions in a tin in order to come up with the best foot cream. My mom would pay me a quarter to rub her feet with said mixture. I think we were both delighted with this arrangement.

I was always reading the ingredient lists and descriptions of every skincare product in the bathroom cupboard. In my teens, I used my babysitting money to buy skincare and beauty products. I continued to read beauty and skincare related magazine articles and experiment with products until I went to school to become an esthetician, where my love for all things beauty and skincare related grew. I am grateful I went to school so that my passion for the world of esthetics could be developed with proper education. I worked as an esthetician until I graduated from college and entered the corporate world. My career path and life may have evolved over the years, but my love for the beauty world is still strong.

When you work in a skincare related career, you have the opportunity to test products and services, often for free or at a deep discount. Seeing as I haven’t been in that type of role in several years I invest my own money into any products or services I receive. Sometimes it can be a bit of an investment, but it’s worth it to me.

That being said, I was thrilled when Byroe sent me a full-sized bottle of their Tomato Serum for free. This is not a paid ad. I am testing this serum over a specified time period and will provide Byroe with my honest feedback and they said I could let you know about my experience. Even though I have only had this product for a short time, I wanted to share a few photos and my initial thoughts on the product.

Byroe is a newer skincare brand, so if you have never heard of them before, you can check out their website, read about their philosophy, and see what other products they offer. To keep it super high-level for you, they are using salad inspired ingredients for this line of skincare products. Definitely read more about it on their website, though! They include reviews, which I always appreciate. They are also on social media, so you can check out what people are saying on Instagram, too.

Back to the Tomato Serum!  First, the bottle is really beautiful. Instagram worthy packaging is a must-have in the beauty world. I own a hair product that I love and the can design is so atrocious, I intentionally put it in the closet just so I don’t have to look at it. Silly? Maybe. Does it matter to consumers? Absolutely. Is it the most important thing? No, of course not. But, I think having well thought out, beautifully designed packaging for your products is still extremely important. Byroe has done a superb job with their packaging.

The bottle design is actually quite clever. When you unscrew the top, the little button in the middle pops up. You just push that center button down and the serum is released from the dropper. When you replace the dropper back into the bottle and screw the cap shut, the button engages and more serum is pulled into the dropper for the next time you use it. I do not recall owning a product in this type of bottle before. It’s kind of fun and definitely unique. Much easier to use than a traditional dropper style bottle. I go back and forth on whether I prefer a dropper or a pump. There are pros and cons to both, but I do not strongly prefer one style over the other.

Byroe Tomato Serum

I have owned several serums over the years and I have found that I prefer a bottle that is transparent. I understand that there are ingredients that should be kept in opaque bottles in order to keep them from being broken down in UV light. I do not keep any of my skincare anywhere near sunlight, so I personally don’t see this as a huge issue. What I like about a bottle that you can see through, even if it is colored glass or plastic, is that I have some idea of how much product I have used and when I need to replenish it. When I have a product, such as a serum, in a completely opaque container, I often am surprised when I run out. I like to be prepared! This bottle has nothing to hide and I like that.

I do not want to reveal too much about what I am seeing in terms of results, as I have not been using it for very long. I will say that so far I am enjoying this product. It does not have any noticeable scent to me. It is clearly not something that has any added fragrance, so I would say it is safe for those of you who are scent sensitive. It is a thicker consistency, doesn’t run or drip. I am not terrified of spilling it (I have done this with a high priced watery serum before!). It is easy to apply, does not feel sticky and I have no problems layering it with other products. I have not experienced any burning or sensitivity. There were no issues integrating this into my current skincare routine. I often rotate serums and switch up what products I use. I am trying not to switch it up too much while I am testing this serum, though.

If you aren’t familiar with serums and when you would use one, I’ll keep it simple: cleanse your skin (double cleansing is highly recommended at the end of the day in order to properly remove your makeup and sunscreen). After cleansing, use a toner, essence, or other facial mist. Byroe has an essence toner that I have my eye on. If you do not use one of those products, you would skip right to the serum. Your moisturizer or face cream is applied on top of your serum. In the morning you would add SPF after your moisturizer. I am someone who enjoys using a lot of products, but I know there are a lot of people who like to keep their skincare routines very simple. Serums contain potent ingredients such as antioxidants, so you want to make sure they are applied prior to moisturizer. Be sure to include your neck and upper chest area in your skincare routine!

Byroe Tomato Serum
Byroe Tomato Serum pictured with Rose Quartz Roller from Jenny Patinkin.

So, what is this serum meant to do for your skin? The Byroe website says “youthful skin in a bottle” as the heading for the description of the Tomato Serum. Basically, it is supposed to help brighten your skin, which would make it appear more youthful. (There are other benefits, which you can read about on their website.) I love anything that boasts skin brightening! I have been working on fading sun damage, so anything that brightens is on my radar. I appreciate the list of ingredients (transparency!) and I noticed some that I would normally look for in a serum (hyaluronic acid, for example). Of course, tomato is included and is what it is named after. Tomatoes are packed with lycopene, which is an antioxidant. Antioxidants are beneficial and aid in both the health and overall appearance of your skin. I will update you in a few weeks to discuss my experience and results!

Honestly, I find this serum appealing and I think Byroe’s philosophy is intriguing. There are a lot of skincare companies vying for your attention and coming up with different ways to market their products. When I read about Byroe on their website, they are saying something that is different than what everyone else is saying. I think their approach is more attractive and positive rather than focusing so much on long lists of ingredient “no-nos.” This is just my personal opinion based on what I am experiencing from a lot of skincare brands at the moment. I am looking forward to trying more of the products offered by Byroe and to see what else they release in their skincare lineup! 

What do you think about Byroe’s salad-inspired skincare products? Does the Tomato Serum intrigue you, as well? Let me know what you think in the comments or on my Instagram!

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